I was paid to NOT be a wedding photographer - My most unique assignment yet!

Freedom is sometimes a mere byproduct of love. That evening  after the shoot, I fondly remembered that sense of love in photography which brought me here after many rough years (and rougher still) of being a professional photographer. Vibhu found love in Viny and thought photography worthy and capable to be used to remember that day. And it was also that love for the power of the medium that humbled me and reminded me of the honour and privilege that comes with being a photographer. 

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24 hours for one lifetime - A wedding day marathon in Coimbatore

At the beginning of October, I was in Coimbatore covering an Andhra style wedding. The brief was that it would run for 24 hours straight and so it did.. Maybe even more. As the day progressed and energy levels waned... through scattered furniture and sleepy relatives, I could see that Vyshali and Sai had the strength and zing to push forward and make this a truly special day for them. Through hours of rituals and exhaustion, here was the bride and groom always wearing a big smile and excelling at one 24 hour day, as a commitment and vow for a lifetime together. Here's wishing them the very best ahead!

Oh and it also helps when the groom's father is so hospitable that he threatens you with not paying up unless I ate food on time ;)

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Doctors in Love: The Small Town Wedding in Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu

After photographing weddings of wedding photographers, I was back shouldering the burden of photographing the wedding of the sister of a wedding photographer :) It's a mixture of high expectations that I had of myself combined with the ambience of small town Tamil Nadu... Ornate gold painted fiber glass backdrops, friends to shoot with and for lovely company, genuine emotions, and most importantly, two doctors in love.... and I couldn't but say yes! 

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Shivrohit & Anusha - Bangalore Wedding Photographer

The more I shoot weddings, the more I am convinced that the most valuable portions are often the in between times... The journey, the second glance or the unexpected detours in the plan. Times when we let loose and be ourselves; You know, when we don't put up a show but just enjoy the gift of each other?

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Nancy and James // Bangalore Christian Wedding

Simplicity. Probably the most undervalued thing in modern celebration can be as powerful as it has ever been. Nancy and James have been a great couple and their values, faith and family relationships made this wedding a success. I'm very glad to have been introduced to this family and to have shot the weddings of two of the siblings.

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Michelle & Ivan // Goa Wedding Photographer

Goa‬ was one of the places where I started my journey with‪ wedding photography‬ . Here I am back in the land with a soul and character as rich as the fish curry and rice it offers!

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Akshata & Harish // The Mysore Temple Wedding

A Kannada wedding in Mysore, India.

This November, my team and I went over to Yoga Narasimha Temple In Mysore to shoot the wedding of Harish and Akshata. Visual surprises along with an existing trust relationship with the couple often helps in producing great images!

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