Shivrohit & Anusha - Bangalore Wedding Photographer

Vokkay... Here are the images from Shivrohit and Anusha's wedding. It was great to be 'embedded' with the family as we travelled to Hubli on a bus together. The more I shoot weddings, the more I am convinced that the most valuable portions are often the in between times... The journey, the second glance or the unexpected detours in the plan. Times when we let loose and be ourselves; You know, when we don't put up a show but just enjoy the gift of each other?

A big shoutout to Bhaktar Babu for doing a great job second shooting this wedding and for Vijay Kumar for leading the video team.

// Tech Stuff: All images shot on my Fuji X-Pro2, X-T1, 23mm f2, 35mm f1.4 and 14mm f2.8//

P.S. During this shoot, my kit almost got stolen by a monkey. A few daring, stupid and essential moves later, my bag returned to me... And I don't have rabies yet :P