Guruvayur, Kerala. May 2014

Guruvayur, Kerala. May 2014

C is for CANDY

Hello and thank you for dropping by! I'm not fond of (or good at) talking about myself but it happens to be something important, because the focus of what I am sharing may not be about me at all. To start off, as a photographer, I am one among many who are proudly standing on the shoulders of great artists and visionaries both past and present. People who have and are continuing to teach me about this marvellous craft. Having said that, let me start with an incident. A photographer recently came to me and said that he had started offering 'Candy' photography services. I even saw some work with the C word on it. It's a term which I have heard on many occasions from both clients and photographers. And for those who pride at grammar and correct spelling, throwing around the word 'candid' is the new black in wedding photography. For linguistic and cultural reasons, I will try my best to refrain from the 'C' word for describing my work. And why so? Because as someone who is commissioned by you, my work is meaningful when there is a beautiful amalgamation between your moments, memories and vision with mine. It's something that goes beyond a 'C' label.

Now, as makers and consumers of photography, we know that vision and style are not things that should be taken lightly. It's bang at the centre of who we are as artists and catalysts. I come from a documentary and photojournalism background and am fascinated with documenting life as it is. As seen in my portfolio, the essence of my work focuses on journalistic imagery. It’s more of an unobtrusive style of photography which describes the actual events of the day without dictating poses or using unappealing artificial light. Whether it be a wedding or an editorial portrait, I feel life is deeper than a strenuously fabricated photography carnival. As it is rightly said;

"Photography is not about photography, its about everything else. ~Prabuddha Dasgupta"

My main goal as a photographer is that the pictures should cultivate memories and stir the soul. I see this as an emotional and spiritual venture made once in a lifetime. From the first picture of the day to the last, let's enjoy what our eyes can see— From the bride's teary face to the musician's favourite guitar to the idiosyncrasies of the society; it's all part of one thrilling journey.

My approach and aesthetics are not for everyone, but If you like my work, let me assure you a delightful ride ahead.


Abhishek Scariya


A short version of this page for the fast and the furious

Though the actions and contents of the picture above has an important place in the industry, I will (with all due respect for my fellow photographers) not partake of it except as an outsider happily documenting it.


In a parallel universe...

I continue to live as a photojournalist and documentary/travel photographer. Images from there can be found at my other website WWW.ABHISHEKSCARIYA.COM. In 2018, I became an official Fuji X-Photographer and brand ambassador for Fujifilm. More of my Fuji specific work can be seen at the X-Photographers gallery.


Awards and Exhibitions (For those who care...)


2017: Better Photography, Wedding Photographer Of The Year Winner

2016: Connection Community Arts Festival, Nagoya, Japan

2016: Art For Change Foundation International Arts Residency & Exhibition, New Delhi

2015: Art For Change Foundation International Arts Residency & Exhibition, New Delhi

2014: Better Photography Wedding Photographer Of The Year Nominee

2011: Eddie Adams Workshop Participant

2011: Manuel Rivera-Oritz Foundation for international Photography Hall Of Excellence

2011: VisualReportage Retrospective Exhibition, Almanac Gallery, New Jersey

2010: VIsual reportage Retrospective Exhibiton, Gallery At The Piano Factory, Boston

2010: The iPhoneography Book, Finalist Entry, Associazone Culturale Arteaparte, Cosenza, Italy

2009: Kodak, Better Photography Wedding Photographer Of The Year Nominee